Jean Gidich. Fine Art Prints

 About a year after receiving my BFA in drawing, painting and printmaking I accepted a position as an instructor in a summer art outreach program with the intent of returning back into the studio "shortly". Fast forward 28 years in education to a day when one of my graduating seniors gave me 3 pens telling me ,"I can't wait to hear about the great things you'll create with them."  I promptly put them in my desk and there they sat without a second thought all summer break.  Come Fall semester, I opened that desk and the first thing I saw were those 3 pens staring back at me. I began to draw a head study of an owl. It was as effortless as breathing and I completed it that very day. Although I had created many works during my teaching tenure nothing had clicked like this since college.

I had loved and I had lost.

I had taught and I had learned.

I had lived a life preparing me to create. 

I decided right then and there , this was my time!

This website and all the work here represents all the struggle, chaos, and joy that is my life up to this point.   It’s all right here. 

Welcome to my world

Drawn one line at a time