JEAN GIDICH


artist bio

Although Jean creates her drawings in traditional ink and graphite, the use of line and form are anything but conventional. Jean’s love for both art and wildlife began at a young age and she began college as a Zoology major. She later changed her concentration to studio art which resulted in a BFA in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking with minors in Animal Science and Art History. Following a year as an independent artist, Jean went back to school and received another degree in Art Education. She began to teach as a supplement to her young family’s income with plans to return exclusively to her studio in a few years.

Fast forward 30 years and she is still teaching studio art. Her commitment to creating confident self motivated adults through the challenge of hands-on art practice continues. Through the years, Jean produced work and strengthened her skills with daily studio practice and graduate work.

Originally a multimedia painter, 4 years ago a student gave her some pens with the statement, “I can’t wait to see what you will create with just these.” Not one to refuse a challenge, she picked up that pen layering thousands of marks that came together to form a larger than life Great Grey Owl. 

Since that first drawing, Jean hasn’t stopped portraying both animals and people in her unique active line approach.  On close inspection, her drawings contain names, and other symbols that hint to her intention for each piece. Her subjects are chosen from all walks of life paired with creatures that help tell her story. All the work she creates is autobiographical and based on how she views the world around her. She invites you in …one line at a time.  


 I believe everything has a story but not everyone has a voice to tell it. I tell my mine through the subjects I portray and the lines that define them. My work is about the significance of  individuals immersed in the autonomy of the world. I draw large scale because I hyper focus on all the detail and textures around me. I like the idea of active marks that appear random and independent coming together to define a subject.In this way each line has significance in addition to defining the composition. They transition what is in my head to a tangible thing

The lines are my voice. They yell, they whisper and when I get it just right they sing. 



           2022       Best of Show, Looking Up Exhibition , Bowling Green State University

                                         Bowling Green 

           2022       Medici Biennial Exhibition, Medici Museum of Art


           2021       Award Recipient, Artprize International Competition

                                           Grand Rapids,MI

           2021       Biennial Top 50 Exhibition, Riffe Gallery

                                          Columbus, OH

           2021       Best Of Show, Artists 4 Animals Exhibition, Four Corners Art Center

                                          Bowling Green, OH

           2020       Solo Exhibition, Women’s History Month Featured Artist, Wine Flight

                                          Elmore, OH 3/20

           2019       Solo Exhibition, State Courthouse,

                                          Perrysburg, OH 3/19

           2018  Artists as Educators,Riffe Gallery,

                        Columbus, OH 10/18

                        Solo Exhibition, Barr's Public House,

                         Maumee,OH 5/18-11/18

                        .Women's History Month Featured Artist, Wine Flight,

                        Elmore,OH 3/18

           2017  2x  1st place award, Artists 4 Animals Exhibition, Four Corners Art Center

                           Bowling Green,OH 11/17         





            1991  MA Art Education,Ohio State University

                          Columbus,OH 1/90-6/91


            1988    BFA ,Painting,Drawing,Printmaking 

                                     minors in  Animal Science and Art History

                                     Ohio State University

                         Columbus, OH 8/88




            1991  Secondary and Post Secondary Art Instructor, Genoa Area High School

                                    Genoa, OH